Loans to Professional Doctors for Commercial Property

Introducing a Brand New Financing product for “Healthcare Industry” for Growth / Expansion for Large and Mid-Size Hospitals - Clinic Chains - Nursing Homes, for Resident Indians.


Purchase / Extension / Modification / Renovation of Commercial Premises for carrying on own Professional Practice & Purchase of Equipment’s, etc…. Loans can be sanctioned to Individual / Company or Partnership firm of such Professional

Features of this Scheme

  • Attractive Rate of interest.
  • Easy takeover of all existing/New Loans and Huge saving in EMI on all existing/new loans.
  • Consolidation of all Loans / EMI into Single Loan / Single EMI.
  • Enhancement / Top-up in existing term loan for expansion / renovation / Purchase of New Equipment.
  • Reconstruction is possible in case of takeover of existing loans (fresh 15 years’ tenure).
  • Moratorium: 12 months for under construction building and No-moratorium for Take-over proposals.

Loan Amount

Minimum Rs.10 Lacks and Maximum- No Limit... (Based on Loan Eligibility)

Loan Term

Up - to 15 Years

Repayment Mode

Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) – Monthly Rest


  1. Equitable / Registered Mortgage of the Commercial Premise for which the Loan is raised.
  2. Demand Promissory Note.
  3. Personal Guarantee of Directors / Partners, as applicable.
  4. In case of Company, Registration of Charges in R.O.C.
  5. Property Safety / Fire Insurance is required.

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