LIC HFL Housing Loan Check list

LIC NRI Home Loan Checklist
  1. Application form duly signed by the applicant (With photograph duly signed across the photo)
  2. General power attorney (Self Attestation on all Pages)
  3. Employer certificate (On employer letter head)
  4. Passport & Visa copy
  5. Latest 3 Month pay slip
  6. Latest 3 Month bank statement

(The above documets are to be notarised by attorney or by the indian embassy where the applicant is employed / residing)

  1. Last 6 months pay slips (including latest 3months pay slips duly notarized)
  2. Appointment letter & 'Offer letter'
  3. Employer id proof, Qualification Proof
  4. Applicant residence proof.
  5. Bank statement for the last six months ( Salary credits) (including latest 3 months statement duly notarized)
  6. Bank statement for the last six months ( NRE / NRO A/C) (in case NRO/NRE Account is not there the flow of funds transfer to india should be established)
  7. W2 forms
  8. NRI undertaking letter
  9. Banker certificate
  10. 3 Photographs duly signed across the photograph by the applicant
  11. GPA Holder photograph
  12. GPA Holder identity proof
  13. GPA Residenceproof