NRI Home Loans

If you are an NRI and planning to build your dream home in India. People who are staying in abroad can apply for NRI Home Loans without the need of coming to India. You can speak to one our SBM Marketing consultants who can help you arranging loan documents. Its fast, the turn around time is quick, attractive plans and most importantly the flexible repayment plan with absolutely no hidden charges.

The eligibility for applying loan for NRI's slightly differs from Resident Indians.

Income: NRI's applying loan should have a minimum monthly income of xxx. Also the continuity and stability of the employment also adds value to the eligibility.

Payment options: NRI's should route EMI's through their NRE/NRO account.

Number of dependents: The number of dependents, assets and liabilities also becomes the eligibility criteria. Again it depends on the repayment capacity and property cost.

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